Future Worship Schedule


 9:00 AM Every Sunday – Spanish Service in the Fellowship Hall.

10:00 AM Every Sunday – Main Service in the Sanctuary.

We celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of each month.



SUNDAY FEBRUARY 24 at 10:00AM “It Ain’t That Easy” Luke 6:27-38

SUNDAY MARCH 3 at 10:00AM – COMMUNION – “Did You See That?” Luke 9:28-36

WEDNESDAY MARCH 6 at 6:00PM “Centering in Christ: The Treasure of Your Heart” Matthew 6:1-6, 19-21.  ASH WEDNESDAY – ASHES WILL BE ADMINISTERED.

SUNDAY MARCH 10 at 10:00AM – 1ST SUNDAY OF LENT “Centering in Christ: Confessing With Our Lips” Romans 10:8b-13.  BEGIN DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME-SET CLOCK FORWARD.

SUNDAY MARCH 17 at 10:00AM – 2ND SUNDAY OF LENT “Centering in Christ: Standing Firm” Philippians 13:31-35

SUNDAY MARCH 17 at 4:00PM Lift Covenant Service

SUNDAY MARCH 24 at 10:00AM – 3RD SUNDAY OF LENT “Centering in Christ” Rev. Bill Johnson will be preaching

SUNDAY MARCH 31 at 10:00AM – 4TH SUNDAY OF LENT “Centering in Christ: Celebrating and Rejoicing” Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32

SUNDAY APRIL 7 at 10:00AM – 5TH SUNDAY OF LENT – COMMUNION – “Centering in Christ: Losing to win” Philippians 3:4b-14

SUNDAY APRIL 14 at 10:00AM PALM SUNDAY SERVICE – WAVING OF THE PALMS “Centering in Christ: Doing the Lord’s Bidding” Luke 19:28-40

SUNDAY APRIL 19 at 10:00AM – GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE  “Centering in Christ: Standing Near the Cross”  John 18:1-19:42 

SUNDAY APRIL 21 at 7:00AM – EASTER NEW DAY SERVICE “Centering in Christ: When Sadness Turns to Joy” John 20:1-18

SUNDAY APRIL 21 at 10:00AM – EASTER MAIN SERVICE “Centering in Christ: Silencing Doubters” Luke 24:1-12