The biggest news story currently at Shepherd of the Valley is the return to in-person worship!   We will continue using the AV equipment to send the service out to the world for home viewing, but the main participation will return to in person worship.  You are cordially invited to join us here for all of our activities as we return to our more normal lives!


Shepherd of the Valley Has Installed an All New A/V Media Center!

Because of the Covid-19 restrictions, we started doing A/V (audio & video) church services back in March of 2020 with Zoom. It was a great temporary solution for live worship. We made good use of our time apart and have made some really exciting changes to our A/V set-up.  We are now using that equipment in the Sanctuary for enhanced worship.

Because of the Covid-19 restrictions the way we worship has evolved.  Now that we are returning to in-person worship the media team will continue broadcasting (and recording) the worship service from the sanctuary for those who cannot attend in person. 

We are so grateful to Bill Wysong and Bill Greenman who have built a fully functional live A/V media center at the back of the sanctuary where the old sound booth used to be. It’s so beautifully made!

We have new cameras which can be robotically controlled and professionally switched just like a broadcast TV show!  The show is broadcast live on the internet, and it is also archived for video-on-demand viewing by anyone at any time in the future. Who knows how many people we will be able to reach in Jesus’ name in the future through this platform?  It is our chance to expand our horizons and truly make the world our parish.

Bill Wysong and Melissa Pryor have been the technical team in the sanctuary every Sunday broadcasting the service live on the internet.

Bill and Melissa at their posts.


Here are some pictures of the A/V area. 

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This is one of the robotic cameras.


Here are some pictures during construction