The Bridge

THIRD SUNDAY OF THE MONTH – June 16 is the next BARREL SUNDAY. Please help us fill the barrel to benefit homeless people.

We need individual servings of non-perishable foods. That includes canned meats like tuna, chicken, Vienna sausages, and ravioli. These people also need fruit cups, chips, cookies, and batteries. They need hygiene items of all kinds – we ask for Band-Aids, soap, razors, feminine hygiene products, hats, water, hand wipes, insect repellent, etc.

And we always need volunteers to go to the Bridge. 
If you would like to volunteer to go to the Bridge, look for volunteer sheet in the Narthex or let one of the following volunteers know: Carol Brudo, Connie Bredemeyer, Cathy Brocker, Cheryle White

As always, all your donations are gratefully appreciated and put to good use. We thank you for your continued support of this vital community outreach project.