Outreach News and Events


Christ calls us to serve and share with others.  At Shepherd of the Valley, we see this as central to who we are.  John Wesley showed all Methodists how we should reach out to help others.  

The Big Blue Barrel will be in the Narthex again January 5, and the first Sunday of every month.  You are invited to bring non-perishable food items with you to worship Service on the first Sunday of each month to help the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission save people.

The Big White Barrel will be in the Narthex December 15 and the third Sunday of every month.  The white barrel benefits people struggling with homelessness. 

Please help us full it with individual servings of non-perishable foods. That includes canned meats like tuna, chicken, Vienna sausages, and ravioli. These people also need fruit cups, chips, cookies, and batteries. They need hygiene items of all kinds – we ask for Band-Aids, soap, razors, feminine hygiene products, hats, water, hand wipes, insect repellent, etc.

We need used new socks for our walking guests.  We also ask for underwear for men and women.  And we need lotions for the weathered faces and hands we see.


Wouldn’t you like to join us on our next trip to Joshua Tree on Saturday, December 21?  We like to have 8-10 volunteers to help cook and serve a nice breakfast and have a craft project available for the children. We need those of you who stay in the desert to volunteer this time of year.  We will leave from the church at 6:30 am and be back at the church no later than noon and you can carpool with someone who knows the way, so it’s always a lot of fun, and it’s easy.  The sign-up sheet is on the table in the narthex, or you can call Sue Gonzalez 760-989-3435 or Yvonne Gonzalez 760-899-1778, to volunteer.  Our youth are always welcome to come and help.

Look for the volunteer sign-up sheet in the Narthex.

Thanks for your support of this Outreach project. 

Contact Bud Wrisley or the church office for more information.


Remember we always need volunteers to go to the Bridge. We go on the fourth Saturday of the month.  The next trip is Saturday, December 28.  Look for volunteer sign-up sheet in the Narthex or let one of the following volunteers know:
Connie Bredemeyer
Cathy Brocker
Cheryle White

As always, all your donations are gratefully appreciated and put to good use for both of these outreach projects. We thank you for your continued support of these vital outreach projects.

Coachella Valley Rescue Mission

Joshua Tree

The Bridge