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Drew Patterson

When someone says to you the young generation today doesn’t want to do anything except text and play video games you can inform them that’s not entirely true. 

Look at our own 15-year-old Drew Patterson and his current Eagle Scout project for example.  Here is a young man who took on a pretty big construction project and is following through on it to completion.  The project is converting an unused room at the church into a much nicer usable room that will be enjoyed for years to come.  We are getting new walls, new carpet, new furniture and more.  It is a new room for us to enjoy.

The project makes sense too.  The room we are updating is right in the middle of our church campus and it was being used as nothing but a big walkthrough area for insiders to take a short cut from the Sanctuary to the Fellowship Hall, and as storage for an out of tune honky-tonk piano and some other stuff.  Now it will be a great place for us to meet with people where we can sit down and talk in a nice environment.  We are improving the church in a big way with this project.

What is Drew Patterson actually doing for this Eagle Scout Project?  Probably the most impressive thing is that he has to recruit and wrangle all the crews for everything from funding the project to those actually building the project.  It took volunteers to work on the recent successful “Spaghetti Feed” to raise money for the project and it takes volunteers for the ongoing construction labor.  

Some might point out that Grandpa Bill is the biggest member of the construction crew doing a lot of the work to the room, but it is still impressive that Drew had to ask his grandpa to give up a lot of his time to do heavy lifting and hard labor.  Of course, Grandpa seems very happy and proud to be working on the project.  And the church members are also very happy and proud to have another newly updated area of our church.  These improvements are making our church a place we’d like to be, and also a place to invite people to come, and those things are important.

So, our young Eagle Scout is making all this happen for his project, along with the help of other young scouts, and we have great hope for their futures.  Today they are helping us be better stewards of our century old church, and we hope God continues to bless us with all of these good things!

We have a lot going on at Shepherd of the Valley United Methodist Church of Indio!

Cal-Pac and the Special Called Session 2019

As we, the California-Pacific Conference, enter into this particular moment in the life of The United Methodist Church, we are reminded of our call to embody a heart of peace and to nurture an outward mindset so that the Holy Spirit may lead all of us in new ways forward.

We are certainly not strangers to moments of uncertainty.  In many such cases, we have taken the lead so that transformation may follow.  Our identity, as time has proven, is grounded in our belief that there are places that only God can take us if we would only be so willing.

And so, we as Cal-Pac are once again enabled to spiritually greet this Special Called Session without fear, through the many ways that have been planned and are explained below.

Guidance: Starting February 1, 2019, simply check (top of the page) or your email and social media for all Cal-Pac communications related to the Special Called Session (as listed below).  Remember, if you are receiving this email, you are already on the Cal-Pac email list as well as the Western Jurisdiction Update.  But, others may sign up here for the Cal-Pac list and sign up here for the Western Jurisdiction Update list.
Understanding the Special Called Session

  • Summary Packet – Now available is a downloadable packet that summarizes the series of events that have led to a Special Called Session of General Conference.
  • Detailed Presentation – Bishop Grant J. Hagiya, in one of many District Gatherings, delivered a more detailed presentation of the work of the Commission on a Way Forward.

Before the Special Called Session

  • Daily Devotion – We will be led in a daily devotion for seven days prior (February 16-22, 2019) to the Special Called Session.

During the Special Called Session

  • Online Prayer Vigil – We will hold a 24-hour (February 24-25, 2019, beginning at 1:00PM) online prayer vigil via Zoom, facilitated by specially trained hosts.  Sign-up online now to lead a 15-minute segment of holding vigil.  Use this link or call (669) 900-6833 to connect to the vigil at any time during the 24 hours.
  • Bishop’s Daily Reflection – Bishop Hagiya will share a daily reflection at the end of each day of the Special Called Session.

After the Special Called Session

  • Bishop’s Sending Statement – Bishop Hagiya will share a sending statement after the end of the Special Called Session.
  • Resource Packet – We will receive a resource packet, with information, pastoral responses, worship resources for the Sunday after, and Bishop Hagiya’s statement, to support our pastors leading gatherings locally.
  • Special Worship Service – We will worship and celebrate our unity under the Lord, Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit on Sunday, March 3, 2019, at 6:00PM Pacific Standard Time, at Pasadena First UMC as well as via livestream, with Bishop Hagiya delivering a special message.
Finally, as Bishop Hagiya introduced to us, let us remember the attitude of “convicted humility” with which we consider all that is before us:

This is an attitude which combines honesty about the differing convictions which divide us with humility about the way in which each of our views may stand in need of corrections. It also involves humble repentance for all the ways in which we have spoken and acted as those seeking to win a fight rather than those called to discern the shape of faithfulness together. In that spirit, we wish to lift up the shared core commitments which define the Wesleyan movement, and ground our search for wisdom and holiness. They are offered as a starting point for conversation, and a reminder that what unites us is deeper and more central than what divides.


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