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Shepherd of the Valley Scholarships

It is that time of year again. Time when we award college scholarships. Shepherd of the Valley has a proud history of helping people attend college and this year is no exception. If you or someone you know would like to apply for a life changing scholarship click on the link below and fill out the application. The application window is now through June 30, 2019. The rules and procedures are all included in the application. Click here to download the file. The file can either be printed and mailed in, or it can be executed electronically.



The Trustees have been clearing and cleaning the classrooms and are almost complete. The shelving units have been moved to the garage. The “Bridge” and “Joshua Tree” Outreach items have been sorted and moved along with the two refrigerators to the garage.

The Library remains to be the last room to be cleared. Anyone wanting any of the books from the library, it will be open after the church service for everyone to collect any and all books
Trustees continued
they desire. We will need to box up all the books and would appreciate any help you can give us. Also, if anyone has any ideas as to where we can donate the books, please let us know as soon as possible.

As soon as we have a signed lease contract, we will hire a painting contractor who will paint all 10 classroom’s ceilings and walls. The carpet cleaner will follow the painters, cleaning the 7 classroom carpets. The Trustees are currently cleaning the 3 tiled classrooms.

We are prayerfully and patiently waiting for a signed lease contract. If it is God’s will that our education building will be used as classrooms for a school, it will happen.

by Pam Parsons


JOSHUA TREE on March 16th was another huge success, serving 62 people / 95 meals. With 2 new volunteers Sue and Yvonne Gonzalez jumping in like they had done the job many times before. Thanks, Sue for going to buy 2 new can-openers or otherwise the folks wouldn’t have had any sausage gravy on their biscuits. It was reported that Pastor Lynn scrambled 204 eggs!! Sounds like her NAVY training kicked right in. The ‘ol timers up there were so glad to see her they all wanted some of her time just talking with them, and God was definitely present with making time for counseling and private prayer. So often there are no children, however this time there were and Bud jumped right up to the ‘kids table’ and God was glorified. A big shout out to all the volunteers, please come join us on our next trip up there, in June look for the sign-up sheet on the table in the Narthex.

UNDER THE BRIDGE team was warmly welcomed by 14, the count seems low but they have once again been evicted. The ones still there have until the end of April and then they come with BULLDOZERS AGAIN! Thanks to Catherine, our ‘artist’ friend, for coming to our defense when someone was using language, she thought was inappropriate, truly God at work, we have made life- long friends in this mission. A shout out to ‘Miricle’ and her son who have brought other volunteers, for stepping up and again providing some of the hot meal. This time we served Miracle’s specialty sandwiches and Michael and LeAnn complimented it with refried beans and rice, and Connie made salad and Apple Crisp. Thanks to everyone who filled the barrel. their ‘to go’ bags were full. Thanks to Linda and Barb with their cars full of clothing and blankets. With the extended rain they were in dire need of DRY things in their camps. Thanks to Nora keeping us informed about the ‘Task Force’ who are trying to find more housing for these folks. Come be on our team, we promise you will get more out of it than you put into it! Remember we go EVERY 4TH SATURDAY of the month.


Together we have completed another C-3 project creating a totally new look in our narthex and sanctuary.  Jeanine Lee of Rescon did a wonderful job providing the carpet tiles and installers at a cost of $6,000 less than the nearest competitor.  We hope you are all pleased with the results which we believe have created a new and fresh appearance.  We also hope you’ll support the next major C-3 project, the painting and repairing of the high vaulted walls and ceiling in our sanctuary.  Your exceptional support to date has resulted in a modernization of our entire church and a great first impression with guests and visitors. 

Drew Patterson and his grandfather, Bill Greenman, have completed the new Worship Arts and Welcome Center.  It is beautiful and everyone should stop by and visit our new center.  Please notice the detail and quality in the construction and the beautiful art work, all completed by Bill. 

 We are creating an Emergency Preparedness facility in the closet area between the two breezeway restrooms will house all the items we will need (according to our Conference) in case of an emergency or natural disaster. 

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We have a lot going on at Shepherd of the Valley United Methodist Church of Indio!



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