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Business Stewardship Initiative 

On September 1st, after months of discussions and negotiations through late spring and summer, we entered into a three-year lease agreement with Discovery of Learning, a K-High School education organization.  Discovery of Learning will be our tenant in the newly renovated Education Building, formerly Happiland Children’s Center. 

Discovery of Learning is an alternative education organization, funded primarily through charter schools, providing education options for children’s individual learning requirements.  They have been operating in Southern California for 9 years and currently have 8 locations, including Palm Desert, Beaumont, Apple Valley, Riverside, Visalia, Long Beach, Yorba Linda and Indio.  They were formerly located on Rubidoux Street in Indio for a number of years. 

Discovery of Learning serves families who have chosen an alternative education or homeschooling path, as well as supporting families enrolled with a charter school.  Examples include children of farm-workers, whose parents move regularly throughout our Valley and their farming locations.  These children are unable to attend public or charter schools on a daily basis because of their parent’s work locations and requirements.  DOL provides a mobile curriculum and distance learning opportunities which are fully accredited by charter and public education.  At the conclusion of their high school year, DOL students are able to fully participate in charter school and public high school graduation ceremonies and receive a full high school diploma as opposed to a GED. 

The new enrollment at our location is approximately 115 students, K through 12, supported by 6 staff members.  The vast majority of these students come from low-income families, single parent families and children representing the demographics of our Indio community.   

We are delighted to have a new tenant for our Education Building, and particularly happy with this tenant – an education organization that brings so many children and families to our location.  The outreach support opportunities and shared values we have with these children, their parents and the staff at Discovery of Learning, are a blessing.    

If you would like additional information about Discovery of Learning, our lease arrangement or simply have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Thank you.  – Rich Parsons. 


Our church had an insurance inspection from the conference to make sure we are in compliance with all of their regulations.  They required us to replace the EXIT signs in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall with signs that are backed up with batteries and lights should there be a power failure.  They have requirements with the swing set in play yard that would require us to expand the sand area by 7 feet.  We are researching a solution to this requirement, but will take down swings until we can accommodate the requirement.  THAT WAS IT!  We have a very large campus with our church and we were very happy to have only these two issues.  Needless to say, it cost us to update, but our insurance will be secure.

Pam Parsons.


We ask that you remember to sign up to help with the Church services on Sunday morning.  There is always a need for your help to usher, greeter, host coffee fellowship and be the liturgist. 

Thank you and God Bless.


Together we have completed another C-3 project creating a totally new look in our narthex and sanctuary.  Jeanine Lee of Rescon did a wonderful job providing the carpet tiles and installers at a cost of $6,000 less than the nearest competitor.  We hope you are all pleased with the results which we believe have created a new and fresh appearance.  We also hope you’ll support the next major C-3 project, the painting and repairing of the high vaulted walls and ceiling in our sanctuary.  Your exceptional support to date has resulted in a modernization of our entire church and a great first impression with guests and visitors. 

Drew Patterson and his grandfather, Bill Greenman, have completed the new Worship Arts and Welcome Center.  It is beautiful and everyone should stop by and visit our new center.  Please notice the detail and quality in the construction and the beautiful art work, all completed by Bill. 

 We are creating an Emergency Preparedness facility in the closet area between the two breezeway restrooms will house all the items we will need (according to our Conference) in case of an emergency or natural disaster. 

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