1) Personal Discipleship  God’s grace covers every human life from cradle to grave (whether people are aware of it or are ready to receive it.  There is a ministry of the church for people at every stage    of the discipleship journey  Rather that provide them with “right answers”, individuals are best served when we discern their faith path and meet them where they are.  “Conversion” (or new birth) is not a culminating event, but    a beginning point for growth in Christ.  Every disciple is expected to grow throughout his or her life.

2) Congregational Life  “We are what we measure.”  What does SOTV UMC currently measure?  What should SOTV UMC be measuring?  LIFT shared 4 Factors of Congregational Health/Vitality  Justice – Knowing and engaging our surrounding community and the world with mutuality and grace. Bringing shalom to our world.  Compassion – Having a heart for the Mission of Christ  Worship – An attitude, both public and private leading to an Aldersgate Street experience  Piety – Disciplines and practices which foster healthy Community/Congregational life


There is positive movement at SOTV UMC, momentum is tracking in encouraging directions  There are, nevertheless, a number of areas for improvement in SOTV UMC’s congregational practices. There is a high   ceiling with room for growth.  LIFT heard a real desire to go and meet the community and get to know them in specific ways.  LIFT heard a desire to see a greater congregational engagement in future gatherings (LIFT events)


 To spend some time at every gathering, class, and meeting brainstorming potential programs / ministries which will   improve the congregation’s JUSTICE Factor.  Select representatives from SOTV UMC will meet with     community leaders* to discuss this question : “What can SOTV UMC be doing in Indio that would be most helpful to you?”

*City Council members, Mayor, Chamber of Commerce, School Principals, Merchants, etc.”


Back on March 17th, Shepherd of the Valley and LIFT Renewal Ministries became covenant partners. This covenant with LIFT gives us a team of specially trained clergy and laity who will help us be the church God is calling us to be. Without question, the key component of the work that is ahead of us is a commitment to discipleship.
The Lift team will help us to be the best disciples of Jesus Christ we can be by focusing on our membership vows and the challenges of discipleship. When we are loving one another and serving Christ faithfully, we will be guided by the Holy Spirit to accomplish our mission of “making disciples for the transformation of the world.”