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Bishop Grant Hagiya offers his leadership to those of us in the California Pacific Annual Conference. Please read his letter below.

Here at Shepherd of the Valley UMC nothing has changed. We still love God and love our neighbor. We are still committed to disciple-making and our mission of sharing God’s love with our neighbors in the Coachella Valley.

Reflections from the Western Jurisdiction Meetings (March 2019)

A number of years ago we held a Transforming Ministry Conference in Los Angeles. This conference is designed to spark our imagination and innovative thinking and we had a once in a lifetime chance to learn at DreamWorks here in Southern California. Director Tim Johnson (Movie: “Home”) shared his thoughts with us. One of the concepts he talked about was how great movies have “reversals” in which the plot changes so suddenly you never knew this was coming. The best example of this is the movie, “The Sixth Sense” in which Bruce Wills learns near the end of the film that he has been dead all along. These “reversals” or “pivot points” are also true in life. There are certain watershed events that have reversals inherent in the unfolding of the journey.

Of course, the huge reversal for me at General Conference was the death of the United Methodist Church that I love. We have always been the “big tent” where all people are welcome and affirmed. I truly believed that we can all live together, no matter how different or far apart our theology, viewpoints, or perspectives are. With the vote of intolerance toward our most vulnerable community, that church died for me. If the unconditional love of God can be voted to be withheld from one group, it can be withheld from other groups as well and that is not the Church of Jesus Christ that I serve. I grieve the death of the church that raised me and loved me. My response now is to resurrect a new vision of the church and work for a new birth.

After the shock of the repressive turn of our Special Called ES

Conclusion Reflections from the Western Jurisdiction Meeting

come up with viable alternatives because our current church system is broken beyond repair.

At our upcoming annual conference session in June 2019, we will be talking more about what we might do and this year’s theme of “I See a New Church” is a perfect starting point for these discussions. We have much to consider and discern and nothing is certain at this time. God is providing new possibilities and opportunities continuously and we must “wait on the Lord,” for answers and directions.

If you would like to become involved please be in touch with your pastor, District Superintendent, or annual conference staff.

Be the Hope,

Bishop Grant J. Hagiya – Los Angeles Area Resident Bishop

Enjoy your Lenten journey. Pastor Lynn


March 17 – April 6     Church-Wide Prayer Vigil

May 5                             Church-Wide Conference 1:00-4:00pm

June 1                             Church-Wide Conference 1:00-4:00pm

September 7                 Church-Wide Conference 1:00-4:00pm

October 5                       Church-Wide Conference 1:00-4:00pm

November 2                   Church-Wide Conference 1:00-4:00pm

December 7                    Church-Wide Conference 1:00-4:00pm


by Pam Parsons

As we are enjoying the fresh new changes to our narthex and sanctuary, we hope you are all aware of the next priorities – needed repairs to the sanctuary ceiling, along with new paint for the large, steep walls.  This is a challenging job even for the professionals – in fact it has been difficult to find professionals that are willing to take on this task.  Additionally, the estimates we now have are in the neighborhood of $25,000 – more than we currently have available in C-3 monies.  We will continue to make smaller, but needed, repairs and upgrades around our church campus, while concurrently building C-3 reserves for the major sanctuary ceiling and walls project.  Examples of smaller, but much needed repairs, include gutter repairs, painting of the entire exterior block wall on the Requa side of our sanctuary and the clean-up of our education wing classrooms.  All this work has been done by our Trustees volunteers, with no expense to the church as any materials, such as paint, have been donated.  It has been ten years since many of the classrooms have been used and this clean-up project is overdue.  Finally, we hope you all have had the opportunity to spend some time in the new Worship Arts & Welcome Center – a very special place that simply adds to the many practical and visually appealing upgrades to our facilities.  Our thanks to Bill Greenman and Drew Patterson for their outstanding work in the development of the Worship Arts & Welcome Center! 

Continuation of Reflections from the Western Jurisdiction Meeting

Session of General Conference, there are certain pivot points that can change everything. One of these pivot points we projected was our Western Jurisdiction Leadership meetings, where we agreed to strategize our next steps as a Jurisdiction. The next pivot point will be the Judicial Council rulings in April 2019. The third pivot point will be our General Conference 2020.

At the recent Western Jurisdiction meetings, we looked long and hard at a process that could help us move forward proactively. After a series of long and deep discussions, listening, and planning, we have released a unified statement that you may read below my reflection.

At the Western Jurisdiction meeting itself we wanted to leave “no stone unturned” in our projections and research. We have come up with a comprehensive list of actions, plans and possibilities that we will continue to provide concrete details on. I will share this list as well below my reflection.

We all agreed that there are certain core values that we live out in our Jurisdiction and the most important is that all are welcome in the house of God and no one should be excluded from the love of God. We see the current church decisions as contradicting this value and we will continue to welcome all and live our faith in this foundation of divine grace. A draft of this list of values is included at the end of this reflection.

However, many of us want more than just this principle, and nothing is off the table as we seek to restore the church to our understanding of our Wesleyan heritage. Among one possible alternative is for us to vision a new church that divides itself from the repressive church turn that we have experienced. One possibility is that both traditionalists and progressives create a new structure where no one has to leave, but both form semi-autonomous bodies that live out the theology and practice that has integrity from each. We will have to work out much of the structure of this concept, but we have to


Please be aware, the third Tuesday of EACH month is street cleaning day. NO PARKING is permitted on Deglet Noor from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  Violators WILL BE ticketed.



The prayer list for the sick is in the Sunday bulletin.  Please call the church office 760-347-1046 or email us at to have your loved one added or removed from the list.

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