Our sanctuary and church buildings remain closed to the public at this time, but ZOOM CHURCH  has worked very well for us since March.  We have been doing live church services from home, from all of our homes, at 10:00 am on Sunday mornings.


Many are clicking on the link as early as 9:45 on Sunday mornings to join in “Narthex Time” as Pastor Lynn calls it.  We can actually see and hear each other as we all log in, which is almost as good as being there in the Narthex.  Many people also call in on the telephone and they can hear everyone and can be heard as well.  


For those who are new to Zoom Church, here is how it works: It is quick, easy and free, and you should see Pastor Lynn live within a few seconds.  The church bought the Zoom service to be able to do this.  The UMC organization trusts Zoom and recommends it to us.  When you join us using a computer, tablet or smart phone you can participate fully.  You will be able to jump in during joys and concerns, and during A/V fellowship at the beginning and end.  It is pretty easy to get started, you’ll get the hang of it just by being there.  If you don’t want to be seen you can simply cover your web cam if you have one, OR don’t “sign in to meeting with video.”  Then nobody can see you.  It is your choice. 


You will also be able to call a telephone number if you prefer, which is what many people do. 

THE PHONE NUMBERS and passwords, if you prefer are



Meeting ID: 992 9067 2253
Passcode: 864822


CLICK HERE TO WATCH RECENT SERMONS.  We archive zoom video of our sermons and scripture lessons.  The rest of the Sunday services are only available during the service.  



Here’s a Sunday morning picture from about a year ago.

Click on picture to enlarge it.




 45-501 Deglet Noor Street in Indio, CA 

at the corner of Requa Avenue and Deglet Noor Street.

Note: Please do not send mail to this address!  Our mailing address is P.O. Box 1805, Indio, CA  92202.




Open Hearts…Open Minds…Open Doors


We believe in applying the Wesley Code in our Zip Code:

          Do all the GOOD we can, 

          By all the MEANS we can, 

          In all the WAYS we can,  

          In all the PLACES we can,  

          At all the TIMES we can,  

          To all the PEOPLE we can, 

          As long as EVER we can.



                             The mission of the Shepherd of the Valley UMC is

                                     TO SHARE THE LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST